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   Company Compensation Plan
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Understanding the Healy Dual Bonus / Binary tree

Business Building with Binary

  Every network marketing company has a commissions Cap. This is a percentage of the total revenue that is paid back to the field in commissions. With Healy it is 70%, which is very fair and standard in the industry.  If the monthly commissions payout (dual bonus & matching bonus) goes over this cap, they must scale back the payout until they reach the 70% threshold. This is mentioned on page 2 of the US Compensation Plan. 
Due to several reasons, the company has exceeded the 70% threshold in the first 4 months of being open in the US.
Some things that may be resulting in us hitting the cap are as follows:
  • The company is not enforcing the Active member requirement globally to have 50 PV (based on Rank) or more per month per comp plan (Refer to section 3. Compensation)   
  • Every comp plan in the industry requires monthly auto ships… with Healy it is a Subscription based service that will be required and as of now it is not required monthly… *Note: With 100,000 Members at a minimum of 50 PV required that would bring in a minimum of 10 Million in revenue per month.
  • There is currently NO FLUSH on the strong leg of the Binary when there is no activity. 
  • This needs to be enforced, as there needs to be protection otherwise money is being paid out to those that do not deserve it. $50 Business Fee globally has been waived since beginning of start up.
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